Good From The Ground Up

CauliShoots® are a new variety of cauliflower with sweet nutty curds on succulent stems. They’re totally edible from tip to toe so there’s no prep and no waste, just 100% deliciousness!

Edible from Tip to Toe

CauliShoots® are getting this most under-rated of glorious brassica back in the kitchen and onto the plate, via the steamer, frying pan, oven, griddle or even BBQ. However you cook them, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the CauliShoots® sweet and nutty taste.

CauliShoots® Love Seasoning!

Whether it’s just a grind of sea salt and black pepper, a drizzle of sesame oil or roasted with a spicy rub, these succulent little CauliShoots® are a blank canvas for your cooking. Simply steamed, oven roasted until charred or stir fried, just hit them with your favourite flavours.

The Journey to CauliShoots®

CauliShoots® are grown by Barfoots. Farming vegetables since 1976, we farm the land as if we were to farm forever. Our founder, Peter Barfoot, has even been awarded a CBE for services to sustainable farming.

The journey to CauliShoots® started with our seed growing partner, Syngenta. In the last few years we carried out countless growing and tasting trials until we perfected the ultimate cauli…long succulent stems, sweet nutty curds, edible from tip to toe and high in fibre and immune boosting vitamin C.


Meet our Emma!

Emma is our Agronomist and Trials Manager for CauliShoots®. Emma’s been involved since the beginning so you could say CauliShoots® is very much her baby.

As an expert in the science of looking after the soil and growing crops for food, Emma plays a vital role in the success of the farm. That’s to make sure our crops meet the high standards everybody expects and to help us farm so we can keep doing that for future generations.

Now Available!

CauliShoots® are available to wholesale, food service and retail.

If you’re interested in buying, stocking or serving CauliShoots® please get in touch.